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Springwater Mfg. is proud to offer the following roofing and siding accessories to help finish your project. Whether you need fasteners, closures or anything in between, we can help. Stock full inventory of standard fasteners, closures, butyl tape, caulking, pipe flashing, underlayment and many other products to complete your roofing and siding project.



List along with item information
  • Metal to Wood Fasteners - Our line of metal to wood fasteners are designed to provide superior holding strength when attaching metal roofing and siding to wood frames and plywood. Wood fasteners are widely used for agricultural and residential metal roofing and siding applications, and come in various head sizes, thread widths and lengths.

  • Metal to Metal & Stitch (Lap) Fasteners- In addition to our wood fasteners we can provide various sizes of metal to metal fasteners designed for superior holding strength when attaching metal roofing and siding to a wide variety of steel frames.

  • Standard Foam Closure -We have a full line of polyethylene foam closures to fit our metal roofing and siding profiles. Closures come in 3’ lengths to our panel widths. Used to close openings created by metal panel flutes and flashings. Large Tab closures include a full1/4” bead of adhesive for easy installation. High UV resistance and excellent durability.

  • Ventilated Foam Closure - We also offer vented ridge closures for our 9-36 and 12-36 profiles. Like our standard closures, vented closures come in 3’ lengths. Keeps bugs, water & snow out while allowing air through. - Helps remove heat and moisture, preventing rot, mold growth, and ice damming while limiting condensation build up.

  • Flex-O-Vent - Flex-O-Vent is a ridge ventilation product that comes in flexible, 10’ rolls, made from the same product as the LP Vented closure. It’s durability and easy installation make it an excellent choice for ventilating your building.

  • Python - Python is another option in ridge ventilation and can be used on all kinds of roof applications. This product comes in easy to handle 20’ rolls and is made from more than 90% recycled materials.

  • Butyl Tape - We offer high quality metal to metal sealing tape for sealing between panel laps and around windows, doors, roof vents, stacks, access doors and other openings.

  • Expandable Foam Tape - Expandable foam tape is the ideal filler in compression joints and is suitable for use against metal, plastic, wood and other common building materials.

  • Pipe Flashing (Master Flashing) - Our EPDM or silicone pipe flashing are used to seal around various pipe sizes on all roofing surfaces. The flexible base forms an excellent seal on most panel styles.

  • Synthetic Underlayment - We offers a synthetic underlayment constructed of high strength woven fabric that is polypropylene coated on both sides.

  • Tools- Springwater Mfg. carries hex drivers and turbo-shears for drilling and cutting metal roofing and siding panels. Our turbo shears are highly recommended for cutting panels on site.

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