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Fiberglass Rebar (GFRP)

The use of V-ROD in flatwork applications is increasing at a fast pace with more durable and aesthetically pleasing concrete work as corrosion is completely removed from the equation. FRP reinforcement also has numerous benefits that will save headaches to owners and contractors.



V-ROD rebars are manufactured combining the pultrusion process and in-line sand coating process for superior surface bond strength. The FRP composite rebar is made from high strength glass fibers and resistant resin. The glass fibers impart strength to the rod while the resin imparts excellent corrosion resistance properties in harsh chemical and alkaline environments. The company's manufacturing process meets ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. In addition, in-house quality control tests are routinely performed along with tests performed by independent laboratories.

Why Composite Rebar?
  • Non corrosive, never rusts

  • Lower cost than epoxy or stainless rebar

  • 25% the weight of steel, easy placement

  • 1.5x – 2x higher tensile strength than steel

  • 30% higher pull-out resistance compared to steel

  • Minimal concrete cover requirements compared to steel

  • Excellent fatigue resistance

Stock sizes available
  • 10mm - 20' length (GPA 40)

  • 14mm - 20' length (GPA 40)

  • 2'x2' - Bent bars

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