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Seamless Steel Siding

Springwater Steel siding is made from the finest materials to ensure the most dependable siding available in the industry today. Our steel siding is made of a heavy gauge steel, and is finished with a highly durable, long-lasting coating that resists cracking, peeling, flaking, blistering, chipping and fading.



The strength of steel is unmatched when it comes to protecting your home from extreme temperatures, snow, rain and hail. It will also not absorb moisture like wood or fiber cement products, and steel is also resistant to fire, insects and impacts.

Steel siding is a rigid and stable product which makes it very resistant to buckling and warping. Buckling and warping is a result of expansion and contraction caused by extreme weather changes. The rigidity of steel siding allows it to lay flatter against the exterior wall which will help conceal any imperfections in the wall giving it a smooth, clean, straight finished appearance.

Features & Benefits
  • 35 year chalk and fade guarantee

  • 50 year hail protection warranty

  • Our 4-way locking system offers greater wind and moisture resistance.

  • Clean 12-inch straight edge design

  • Made with minimum 70% Renewable Steel

Siding Colour 

Steel Shake Accent Siding

Siding Install

Installation Manual

Shake and 

Installation Manual


Our materials

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