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Building TOOLS

We carry the tools you need to finish your project. We carry heavy duty turboshears and hex drivers to cut and fasten your metal roofing or siding panels.


Heavy Duty Turbo Shear

Long lasting blades make fast, smooth trim cuts and tight left circular or square cuts in metal roofing and siding panels.

  • Lightweight shear head for easy one hand control

  • Jaw opening navigates tight curve patterns, squares, mild profiles, layered metal & seams

  • 18 gauge capacity

  • Blind cuts require a 1/2” starting hole

  • Minimum 14.4 volt 3/8” cordless or corded drill required.


Magnetic Hex Chuck Drivers

We offer two sizes of magnetic hex chuck drivers. The strong magnet helps hold the fastener in place for easy installation, while protecting the paint finish on your fastener.

Available in the following sizes:
  • 1/4” hex head for #10 fasteners

  • 3/8” hex head for #14 fasteners

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