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Insulation & Underlayment

We have insulation in whatever size and thickness required, can be used for roofing, walls, foundations, heavy construction and perimeter insulation with relative ease regardless of the structural system or exterior finish.



STYROBAR® is manufactured from expandable polystyrene resin (bead like granules) containing a blowing agent and flame-retardant produced by polymerization of styrene monomer with the additive of pentane. Steam heat expands the blowing agent to produce moisture resistant, multi-cellular particles (pre-expanded beads), which can increase up to 40 times their volume during the process. Available in all standard sizes starting at 1/2" thick to 12" thick, in 2'x4', 2'x8', or 4'x8' sheets. Custom thickness up to 26" are available on a special order basis. All products are poly wrapped for ease of handling.

  • can be used on roofs, under both conventional built-up and single ply membranes

  • Panels can be produced in flat or tapered configurations that will provide slope-to-drain

  • also used in walls, under slabs and as perimeter insulation for grade beams, foundation walls and buried in soil for shallow foundation designs

  • coolers, freezers, and ice arenas

  • exterior insulated finish systems (E.I.F.S.)



REX™ SynFelt is a high strength woven synthetic roof underlayment that can save you 50% in labor and time expense, compared to 30# felt. The smartest builders and roofers in America use REX™ SynFelt.

Here's Why
  • The most slip resistant underlayment in the industry.

  • 20 times stronger than felt–won’t tear-off or buckle when wet.

  • 10X lighter per square and 20X stronger than 30# felt

  • Light gray color reduces heat and provides cooler working surface

  • Pre-printed nailing pattern speeds installation



Light in Weight, Heavy in Performance. Polyiso foam bonded to reinforced aluminum foil facers. Cost effective way to increase a thermal efficiency and R-values

Features & Benefits
  • Factory Direct 5/8" & Up To 3" Rolls & Sheets

  • Provides high thermal resistance

  • Has a uniform thickness

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